Milou Hair Care


Please DO NOT:

Do not massage the hair.

Do not use oil products or excessive products on curly hair, it will cause matting.

Do not brush or comb hair when dry, it will cause hair to frizz and may cause hair to tangle.

Step 1: Apply a moisture rich Conditioner into a spray water bottle, add water.

Step 2: With the water and conditioner mixture start to spray on the hair starting with the ends working your way up.

Step 3: Finger comb hair

Step 4: Apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner, continue to spray with your water mixture.

Step 5: Finger comb hair

Step 6: Scrunch hair gently to enhance the curls

Step 7: When damp, apply a pea size of an anti-frizz alcohol free hair serum. (For soft kinks, a curl cream may be required for a more tamed look)

Step 8: Let air-dry

Important NOTE: Conditioner wash only is recommended at least 3 times a week.


Please DO NOT:

Do not massage the hair.

Step 1: Shampoo wash at least once a week using a good quality shampoo (aussie brand is our recommendation)

Step 2: Rinse thoroughly

Step 3: Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb hair, starting from the ends working your way up

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

Step 5: Let air dry

Step 1: Use a soft paddle brush on your hair and comb starting from the ends working your way up

Step 2: When necessary use serum on the hair for shine as needed.

Step 3: Style as needed